Envelope #23: My new boss + Eisenhower matrix

Happy Thursday and Happy New Year! This is Back of the Envelope – where I share SE-related things I learned recently.

Today I am going to share a small epiphany I had about prioritizing tasks using the Eisenhower Matrix.

But first, a quick update:

I got a new boss…

Not at work though.

At home.

His name is Adrien, and he is only about 3 weeks old, so he is unreasonably demanding (or I guess reasonable for his age).

Adrien gets pretty upset whenever he is tired (don't we all). And somehow, the only way for me to calm him down is to hold him tight and walk up and down the stairs repeatedly -- which means I get to please the boss AND exercise at the same time! Double win.

Anyhow, the little guy has been keeping us busy, and I am thrilled to welcome him to the family!

Now let's talk about the Eisenhower Matrix for a bit.

(Estimated reading time = 2 minutes)

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